The Institute of Games provides the tools to better deal with video games in the family home.

Parent’s Workbook

When gaming is affecting your family relationships, I highly recommend you to get our parent’s workbook to learn how gaming is impacting your child and how to find a better balance.

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Professional’s Pack

This pack is for teachers and wellbeing professionals. It contains the Parent’s Workbook + 10o handouts and factsheets to use in your practice

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We provide consultations to parents about how to best manage gaming in the household. If you’re worried about your child, we can help put the right supports in place.

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Does gaming lead to conflict in your family?
Is it hard to get your child to stop playing video games?
Do you want your child to be less obsessed with video games?

The Parent’s Workbook for Dealing with Gaming Issues will help you achieve a healthier way of gaming; give you a better understanding and a better balance between gaming and real life.

The Parent’s Workbook for Dealing with Gaming Issues is a 5 step manual that will guide you through assisting and supporting your child to reach a healthier balance between gaming and real life. It is over 100 A4 pages, full of information, resources and tools and it’s very easy to use. If gaming is causing conflict in your home it’s a must have!

The workbook will help you:

–   assess your child’s general wellbeing, assess the gaming behaviours and identify gaming disorder

–   provide advice on how to communicate and interact with your child

–   give you an in depth understanding of gaming

–   help you work through changing the negative gaming behaviours

–   find a better balance between gaming and real life responsibilities

–   improve your relationship with your child

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Do you prefer to talk to someone?

We understand! The Institute of Games provides personalised consultations with families. Get in touch with us now to get help quick.

Resource pack for professionals

Not sure how to deal with gaming in your practice, classroom, support work?

Our professionals pack will not only explain the impact of video games, it also provides guidance to parents and gives you a series of tools and resources to support your clients. If you purchase this pack you get:

+   14 factsheets/worksheets/tools to handout to families to help them with gaming issues.

+   14 information factsheets about video games so you and your families understand the impact gaming has.

Aside from all this information and practical tools you also get:


+   3 assessment tools, working with parents tools, 9 tools to help change gaming behaviours

+   A license to use all resources and tools in this pack with all your clients and their families

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