We work with parents and professionals to keep gaming positive and healthy.

The Institute of Games provides parent presentations usually in schools or community settings. This engaging proactive seminar will create opportunities for parents to discuss how video games affect their family relationships. Our goal is for every parent to walk out with a plan on how to best manage video gaming at home.

We discuss:

  • why video games are so captivating (dopamine, brain development, rewards schedules);
  • how video games fit in today’s youth culture (compared to when parents where young);
  • the risks and opportunities involved with gaming (violent games, cybersafety, learning).

We finish by making sure parents can distinguish between problematic gaming and normal, adolescent behaviour.  We provide parents with information on how to seek local support.

In addition to the seminar, we provide the school with factsheets and a workbook which you can share with parents. Some schools choose to add student workshops and professional development as well, ensuring a whole of school approach.

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Schools we have worked with

Parents and Children Workshop

In this workshop parents bring their children to the workshop to discuss gaming in the home and develop a set of rules and boundaries to better manage gaming in the home.

We provide information that is more tailored to young people and we facilitate discussions between parents and their kids.

This session is very interactive and a lot of fun.




All parent seminars are  EVIDENCE BASED and provide a BALANCED view of video games.

We talk about the positives AND the negatives!