Do video games cause conflicts in your family? We can help.

The Institute of Games works with families to make sure gaming is not adversely affecting your child’s wellbeing, health or academic performance.

How we help:

We have a set approach to assess your situation and assist you with re-establishing a healthy balance between gaming and real life responsibilities.

  • Assessment

We go through a series of questions to assess your specific situation. We will send you the questions beforehand.

During the assessment phase we talk about how gaming is affecting your family, but also what the underlying issues could be.

  • Understanding

We explain certain concepts of gaming you need to understand before we can try and implement behaviour change.

  • Find a balance

What would be a balance that could work for you and your child?

  • Goals

Goals will guide us in our interventions.

  • Interventions

We develop interventions tailored to your situation and explore different scenarios of how you can implement these interventions

  • Reflections

Some interventions will work, some won’t. We learn from this and keep sharpening how we work with your child.

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An early intervention increases the chances of success.

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