The Institute of Games can come to your school to deliver the following workshops:

Moderate your gaming. Find your balance!

In this workshop we co-design a set of strategies on how to moderate gaming and keep gaming in balance with all other responsibilities in life, such as school, family and hobbies. Students feel empowered to better manage their time.

We focus on moderation, empathy and resilience

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Digital health and resilience

Students learn to identify when someone is losing control over their technology use. We discuss strategies of how to seek help and find our balance. This workshop covers more than just gaming because the digital health principles apply to all online activities.

We focus on empathy and peer support in this workshop.

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Design a game in an hour

By implementing game design principles we explore why games are so addictive and how we can be better moderate gaming. At the same time we discuss opportunities and pathways in the gaming industry and how to pursue these.

This workshop is great fun mixing an introduction to game design with wellbeing messages.

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All workshops are:


We don’t talk at students. We engage them in conversations and co-design solutions to the problems they are dealing with.

For primary & secondary schools

We believe prevention and education should start from as soon as children start playing video games. We’ve designed different approaches depending on the age of the children.

Tailored to your needs

We will always discuss any specific needs for your school or class. Our instructors are highly flexible and will work with your teachers to deliver a session tailored to your needs.

All Institute of Games workshops include:

  • Handouts for students,
  • Factsheets to give out to parents or put in the school newsletter
  • The parents’ workbook for gaming for wellbeing staff.