Let’s explore how you can use gaming in your work

If you are an organisation that wants to work in the gaming space, don’t hesitate to get in touch. The Institute of Games works with partners to ensure that video games are a fun, healthy and safe pastime for children.

Below are some examples of projects we do in partnership:

No Gambling in Games

According to research, there are increasing opportunities for digital gambling and gambling-themed games and activities. These include social casinos, simulation gambling, in-game gambling, introduction of gambling mechanics in video games, betting on the outcome of competitive gaming, betting on the outcome of a game in which you are the player.

The Institute of Games works with the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation to explore gambling in video games and work alongside video game industry professionals to formulate a response to the incidence of gambling in video games.

Our aim is to reduce access and exposure to gambling for children by:

  • Developing resources that provide information for parents and support positive gaming.
  • Developing recommendations to government developed in consultation with gamers, parents and professionals


Organisations we work with